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Saturday Looks Good to Me w/ Wild Moccasins

Born as a basement recording project in the year 2000, Saturday Looks Good To Me brought together the jubilant fun of Motown and Northern soul with a decidedly indie approach. Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas poured generations of influences ranging from as widely as the Beach Boys to Guided by Voices into dusty pocket symphonies recorded on four track cassettes. Enlisting friends from a community of musicians for one-time recording sessions was easy enough, but soon the band started performing live, and the membership became a little harder to pin down. Rather than commit to one given lineup, Thomas opted for a revolving door style with the live group, and players and vocalists often changed from tour to tour. This made for dramatic changes in sound, too. It wasn't uncommon for Saturday to show up in a town for the first time as a gentle chamber pop ensemble and come back a year later doing the same songs in a garage rock style with all new band members. 


With a collection of songs that web male-female vocals of couple Zahira Gutierrez and Cody Swann, as well as pop-infused percussion and string work, Wild Moccasins, a quintet of 20-somethings from Houston, TX, offer a sound that balances a musical guile beyond the band’s years. Wild Moccasins are perhaps best known in their native Texas for their uncanny ability to sell-out live shows. The mere release of their EP, Microscopic Metronomes & then Full Length, Skin Collision Past, actually resulted in some significant amount of press noting how they are one of the few local acts that have no trouble selling out a show. The explanation behind their passionate fan base can be found in the one aspect of Wild Moccasins that is most prevalent: their energy. The passion for music that all five members emit both in the studio and on the stage is one to marvel at.


Doors at 7:00, music at 8:15

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