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Beats in the Barn

DJ Abilities w/ Chants in Beats in The Barn

It can't all be Americana friends.  But this departure is sure to put a smile on your face.  Representing the hip-hop genre, we're very excited to bring Minnesota based (Milwaukee born) DJ Abilities to the barn. Affiliated with Rhymesayers, he and the late Eyedea formed the group known as Eyedea & Abilities, also known as E&A. He also serves as the DJ for Semi.Official with Minneapolis rapper I Self Devine. DJ Abilities is well known in the Midwest for being one of the best battle DJs in the local scene.

Representing the electronica genre, is Chants.  Recently signed to Dutty Artz, Madison's, Jordan Cohen (a.k.a. Chants) just put out an EP, The Night After.  The EP's glacial atmospherics and restrained percussion are an introduction to the sound of the L.P. that Chants is readying for early 2013. According to Chants, "I made this E.P. over a relatively brutal Wisconsin winter and sampled sounds from the snow and ice outside my apartment. Everything began with the emotion of non-musical elements like that."


Doors at 7:00, music at 8:15

no grill no chair loud show